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Machine Learning Engineer

San Francisco, California  - Permanent

Job Description

Our client is on a mission to structure and understand the world's medical data. They are starting this process by using terabytes of data of clinician notes which contain Electronic Health Records of some of the world's largest healthcare systems.

They are currently on the lookout for Machine Learning Engineers to join their team. You are somebody who can design Machine-based systems but also think creatively about human interactions that are necessary to augment and train particular systems.

Some of your responsibilities will include, but not be limited too:
-Developing Natural Language Processing systems that help structure and understand biomedical information
-Working with a range of structured and unstructured data sources
-Designing and building customized, large-scale cloud-based machine learning systems
-Designing innovative data-acquisition and labeling systems, leveraging techniques and tools like crowdsourcing and novel active learning approaches

Special Perks:

-Tensorflow or Theano
-Open Source NLP toolkits, like CoreNLP or OpenNLP
-Amazon Turk, Crowdflower, etc)

Must Have Skills:

-Industry or academic experience working on a range of Machine learning problems, particularly with Natural Language Processing
-Software development skills, specific focus on building scalable and Sound Machine Learning
-Excited about taking cutting-edge technologies and techniques to an important industry
-You're passionate about finding, analyzing, and incorporating new research directly in product environment
-You understand what good research looks like, and where the team should focus their efforts

Starting: ASAP
Dress Code: Casual
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