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Engineering Manager

Toronto, Ontario  - Permanent

Job Description

Our Client is looking for an Engineering Manager to join the team and help our client continue to scale the growth of their Engineering squads. Leadership entails a nuanced understanding of the challenges and roadblocks faced by development teams as they progress through projects.
A successful manager is someone who has experienced those hurdles first-hand and offers both guidance and technical expertise to enable the development of cutting-edge technologies. The ability to identify and foster talent is very important and part of your role will be to accelerate the growth of talent within the organization.
As a manager you’ll sit down with every member of your team at least twice a year for formal performance reviews but feedback and support should be part of the way you operate daily. You will also be asked to be a key part of the hiring process, giving opinions not only on candidates but on how to shape a better and more relevant process for finding the best talent.

Here’s what they are looking for:
•Leader: Your foremost responsibility is to manage and lead teams. We need someone who can inspire, motivate and make our Engineers better. Communicate clearly and concisely to implement best practices and processes to ensure that all Engineers are on the same page. Help them understand the 'why'
•Technical: Your day-to-day doesn’t involve writing code but the teams you manage are comprised solely of Engineers and you need to have a strong foundation in software development. Promote a culture of innovation that shares technology effectively and responsibly; you will refine and embody a cross-functional Engineering culture that works for all departments, encouraging knowledge transfer and professional growth
•Ownership: We want you to lead your team, celebrate successes and own the failures. In this role you’ll identify and manage technical risks and opportunities, taking responsibility for the quality of technical deliverables

Must Have Skills:

•Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science or Engineering, or equivalent
•2-3 years as a direct manager of 5-10 person teams
•Deep understanding of algorithms, design patterns, debugging and performance optimization
•A passion for cutting edge technologies, leading teams and nurturing talent amongst your reports
•Knowledge of contemporary development practices, Agile methodologies and technologies is key

Starting: ASAP
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