Why Outsource Your Recruitment to GuruLink?

Managing an in-house recruitment department requires significant investment in Applicant Tracking Systems, staff salaries and training, telecommunications technology, and all the fixed costs that go along with building a department (office space, equipment, hiring and firing, job boards/resume databases, support staff etc.). In these unsure economic times, it makes more sense than ever to evaluate the ROI and service quality benefits of an outsourcing partner.

Reasons to Outsource to GuruLink

  • FREE Leading edge Recruitment Management System and Corporate Careers section; all applications managed by GuruLink
  • Lower costs, and a unique opportunity to generate revenue through recruitment
  • Eliminate costly job board and resume database fees and save the time of sorting through the volumes of unqualified candidates
  • Vendor Management – manage RFP process and vendor enquiries; negotiate and pay agency fees; replace multi-vendor purchasing with a single vendor solution
  • Improved response time to hiring managers - by managing relationships with a qualified candidate pool that is ready to go when you need them!
  • Minimize the time and resources needed to effectively manage your recruiting function so you can focus on your core business
  • Ability to actively recruit from competition
  • Improved quality of service
  • Gain access to best-practices approach
  • Replace a fixed cost with a variable one
  • Replace a fixed availability resource with a scalable one
  • Gain access to a world-class recruitment function
  • Improve consistency of candidate quality
  • Increase accountability
  • Increase reporting and tracking capabilities
  • Avoid investments in fast-changing, obsolescent technology
  • Take advantage of pooled user purchasing power – all investing in one common optimal recruitment management software

Our Process

We have invested countless hours and a significant amount of money building a recruitment infrastructure that enables GuruLink to deliver the most efficient, effective, flexible, high-quality, low-cost recruitment process available. Before proposing any solution, we will conduct a thorough evaluation of your current recruitment strategy, and discuss your goals for outsourcing. If we are confident that we can meet your goals, we will provide you with a detailed plan for how we will achieve your objectives, as well as guarantees that we will deliver on our promises.